Vortex Trader Pro Review


Welcome to my Vortex Trader Pro Forex Robot review. Boasting an almost 100% win rate on the website with some amazing stats from back tests and verified forward LIVE tests, the Vortex Trader Pro forex robot certainly grabs my attention! Some of the tests on the website show over 1,500% gains and with only a modest 17% draw down. Achieving these statistics live with an automated forex trading system is very rare and certainly worth looking into. Vortex Trader Pro started out as a manual forex trading system but after such great success the founder decided to automate it into a forex robot and what a great decision that was as the results prove the accuracy and profitability of the vortex system over a sustained period of time. It has performed well in many varying market conditions and continues to do so until this day.

Vortex Trader Pro Statistics MyFxBook
Vortex Trader Pro Statistics MyFxBook
Vortex Trader Pro Statistics MyFxBook 2
Vortex Trader Pro Statistics MyFxBook 2

Vortex Trader Pro Trading Strategy

As expected, the developer will not release the “secret” behind Vortex Trader Pro but I have done some digging and can see that it uses some popular volatility and oscillator indicators. These trading indicators identify trends, ranges and price action which combined with the trade management and profit protection system produce the amazing results we see from this forex robot. It is worth noting that Vortex Trader Pro is not a scalper, does not use grids and does not implement a risky martingale style of money management. In fact, it includes an automated trade management system and profit protection function to protect the account. False signals are filtered with various combinations of indicators which explain its very high win rate.

Vortex Trader Pro Withdrawals MyFxBook
Vortex Trader Pro Withdrawals MyFxBook
Vortex Trader Pro Statistics MyFxBook 3
Vortex Trader Pro Statistics MyFxBook 3

Vortex Trader Pro Back Testing

The developer does not include back tests on the website which is understandable as they have enough live results published showing how Vortex Trader Pro performs.

Vortex Trader Pro Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Vortex Trader Pro Summary

Overall the Vortex Trader Pro is a very powerful fully automated forex trading system that can make a lot of profit in a very short amount of time as proven by the real live accounts verified by MyFxBook. As with most Forex Robots, Vortex Trader Pro is a complete set and forget automated forex trading system. You can download it and have it running on your charts in just 5 minutes following the simple steps included in the instruction manual. I recommend that you have a trading account with a regulated true ECN forex broker for the best results with any forex robot. To see more results and get more information visit the Vortex Trader Pro website.

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  • 15 Minute Timeframe
  • 1 License
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Detailed Instructions
  • No Minimum Deposit
  • Any Leverage
  • MetaTrader 4