Ninja Forex Review

Ninja Forex Review

I this post I will be reviewing Ninja Forex which is a forex trading website which helps to facilitate interaction with fellow traders to share and learn from each other’s experience. This is not a forex trading tool as such but does include information that could be beneficial to some traders. You can challenge each other and compete whilst checking out others strategies to see if they have aspects you can include within your own forex trading strategies. The Ninja Forex website includes a wide variety of verified forex accounts that you can view in more details should you be …READ MORE

Candlestick Crash Course Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Candlestick Crash Course. As the name suggests this is a complete course that explains the various different candlestick patterns that appear on the charts and how you can interpret them for your manual trading. It is a well-known fact that using price action analysis and candlestick formations is hugely profitable and ensures that you are always trading dynamically according to what the market is doing now. This is advantageous over using technical indicators that can lag and not reflect the current price action like candlestick patterns can. Therefore, it is imperative that …READ MORE

30 Days Trading Transformation Review


In this post I will be reviewing the excellent 30 Days Trading Transformation (30 DTT) course. It is very rare I find a vendor with a forex trading product that focuses on the psychological aspect of forex trading which is ironic when you consider that being a successful trader is almost 99% psychology! “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas is perhaps my favourite book that covers trading psychology and specifically trading discipline. I highly recommend reading this if you haven’t already. Anyways, this 30 Days Trading Transformation course is along similar lines in that it will not give you …READ MORE

Forex Brain Trainer Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Brain Trainer trading course. Forex Brain Trainer is a video product that you can use on a daily basis to train your brain to become accustomed to easily identifying candlestick patterns (price action analysis) which improves your trading skills. Price action is a great way to analyse the markets and current price to help determine in which direction it is heading without any lagging indicators. Price action can be a very powerful technique when used alone or combined with technical and fundamental analysis. Candlestick patterns have been around since the 18th …READ MORE

Euro Forex Secrets Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Euro Forex Secrets trading course. This is a complete forex trading course focused specifically on manually trading the EURUSD currency pair. Trading one single pair has many advantages over trying to master and monitor multiple currency pairs. You become familiar with how and why it moves. The more you practice on the one pair the more accurately you can predict its movements. Also, the EURUSD is one of the most liquid pairs with plenty of trading volume giving plenty of movement for catching good moves on a regular basis whilst it also …READ MORE

Trading Master Plan Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Trading Master Plan forex trading course. This is a complete forex trading course with many different modules to teach you some very key aspects of trading if you are a complete novice whilst also being very useful for the more experienced trader as it includes elements that you may have over looked previously. The trading master plan includes instruction guides, videos and real trading examples ranging from candlestick patterns, money management (including calculator), technical analysis, price cycles, trading rules and some unique trading strategies based upon these concepts. What is the Trading …READ MORE

Forex Candlesticks Made Easy Review


In this post I will be reviewing Forex Candlesticks Made Easy. This is a detailed course that explains forex candlestick patterns and how they can be used to help identify trading signals. Candlestick patterns contain the price action so are extremely accurate at predicting the market direction. It is no coincidence that they have been used for a very long time, way before technical indicators were introduced. You can have the best set of technical indicators for trading but you need to know what the price action is telling you. Candlestick patterns can be traded alone or used to confirm …READ MORE

Elliot Wave DNA Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Elliot Wave DNA forex trading system. I say trading system but it is also an extensive learning course that will make you a master of the Elliot wave so you can start using it in your forex trading and gain a superior edge on other forex traders. There is a huge amount of superb content included in this package, organized in a methodical, easy to understand and interesting manner. I will start by explaining what the Elliot wave principle is and how it is used for conducting technical analysis, usually for manual …READ MORE

Forex Mentor Pro Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Mentor Pro trading system. I will start off by stating that Forex Mentor Pro is not just a forex trading system, it is a complete forex training course with lots of different educational resources for forex trading. It provides you with all the tools and trading systems needed to start making consistent profits trading the forex markets. Forex Mentor Pro contains 3 powerful trading systems, daily analysis videos of the trading activity, easy to follow step by step video tutorials and much more. You also get access to the Forex Mentor …READ MORE