T-NewsTimer Indicator Review


In this post I will be reviewing the useful T-NewsTimer indicator. This is a forex news release indicator for the free to download MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It is important to be aware of news releases and the impact that they can have on the forex market.

Most traders would have to access an external website for the latest news releases and what affect they will have or are having on the forex market. Sometimes this may even require a trader to check multiple different forex news sources for confirmation.

News releases are usually displayed in an economic calendar such as that provided on the forex factory or MyFxBook website. It can take time to dig up the latest news and you may even miss important news releases that can be detrimental to your trading results.

That is where the T-NewsTimer indicator comes in as it will display the latest forex news directly on your MetaTrader 4 charts so you will never miss an important news announcement again.

T-NewsTimer Indicator Review Screenshot Display
T-NewsTimer Indicator Review Screenshot Display

T-News Timer Features

T-NewsTimer is a forex news indicator for MetaTrader 4 that displays important news directly on your charts. You can keep up to date with all the latest news directly from your trading platform and trade accordingly.

You may not even bother checking the news or know where to get it from but with this indicator it makes trading around the news a lot easier and fundamental analysis is an important aspect of trading that should not be over looked.

Combined with technical analysis , price action and market sentiment analysis you will have covered most important aspects of trading, of course not forgetting money management and traders discipline.

The T-News Timer indicator displays the current time, news release time, the news being released, the forecast of the release and the currency affected. This is great information to have especially displayed cleanly and visibly in the corner of your charts.

It helps ensure that you do not trade around risky news releases or even so that you do if you are a news trader.

Sometimes you may have seen some big market movements and known why, this forex news indicator will give you the answers as to why as it is usually some big news impacting such moves.

It only shows the news for the currency pair(s) you are tracking which helps to avoid confusion or information overload.

There is a timer countdown until the news is released and each piece of news is color coded based on its importance.

You can even set visual/audio alerts for when there is an approaching news announcement.

T-NewsTimer Indicator Review Screenshot
T-NewsTimer Indicator Review Screenshot

T-News Timer Summary

With over 80 currency pairs, more than 100 important news releases each week and an average market move of around 140 pips with each big news release it is important to ensure that you are following the news and that is easy to do with T-News Timer.

It is very easy to use and displays all the information needed directly on your chart in a very clean color coded layout. No more searching around for news releases, no more getting caught out by news releases you were unaware of and no more trading on technical analysis alone.

You should certainly have some indication of forex news releases and this is a great way to do so, even including alerts when there is some impending news. T-News timer already has many happy users with apparently 0 unsubscribes which I can totally understand as everyone should find this forex news indicator extremely useful and probably would not trade without it once they get started.

It is available as an immediate download with full support and on a very reasonable monthly subscription fee (excellent price for how useful it is).

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