Introduction to Spy-Fx

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Assume that you are in London and want to go to Amsterdam. Would you walk the distance? Most probably you answered with “No”. When it comes to forex trading, many traders analyze charts in an attempt to identify profitable trading opportunities. This is the same as walking from London to Amsterdam. While it may get you to the desired destination, it will take a very long time. In addition it will invite plenty of unforeseen risks and costs which may ultimately derail you. This is evident with high failure rate of forex traders in the market. Just as technology has revolutionized the travel industry and continues to do so, it has the same impact on forex trading.

SpyFX has been created by a team of professionals who understood that manual forex trading is prone to a disastrous outcome. While there are countless of EA’s on the market, they have failed to deliver profitability on a consistent basis to forex traders and are often useless. The SpyFX Team has created sophisticated algorithms which led to the creation of a next generation FX trading robot. Trough the use of technology, forex trading becomes a profitable revenue stream even for those with no prior knowledge. Creating a profitable forex trading strategy was the driving force behind the creation of SpyFX while Warren Buffet’s infamous two rules of investing have been the guiding principles.

According to Buffett, the first rule is to not lose money and the second one is to not forget the first one. Instead of focusing on profits, the SpyFX team focused on following the two rules which ultimately led to higher profits on a consistent basis. A forex trading robot is only as good as its programming which is why knowledge of the forex market is key to success. The team which build the SpyFX robot has digitalized their entire knowledge and created the algorithms which allow for forex trading 100% on auto-pilot.

Emotions and Psychology – Two Risks to Every FX Portfolio

Regardless of your experience, emotions and psychology will always have an impact on humans. They are part of what distinguishes us from machines. When it comes to forex trading, they represent two of the biggest risks to every forex portfolio. Automated FX trading, as delivered by SpyFX, eliminates those problems as neither emotions not psychology can impact the trading process. This not only decreases risk, but also results in an increase of overall profitability.

Human traders are faced with many binary decisions when it comes to forex trading. This impacts everything from analysis through trade placement to risk management. In most cases, one wrong decision leads to another one which creates a negative, cascading effect on your trading account. This is where SpyFX shines as it is not capable to allow emotions to impact the analysis or have a psychological reaction to a market event.

When it comes to risk management, SpyFX draws on the experience of its creators who have an input on this feature. FX trading robot performs all tasks on auto-pilot which delivers the following benefits to forex traders:

Execute trades are copied from the master account directly into the trading account of traders.

  • Real-time updates accessible through the MT4 trading app.
  • 69% of profitable trades which breaks down to 68% of profitable short positions and 70% of profitable long positions.
  • No need for special software downloads or VPS/VPN.
  • Low minimum deposit with a 25% performance fee which is automatically deducted from your profits.

Following the initial deposit, SpyFX will take over all operations and traders don’t need to do anything. This is not only great for new traders who lack the knowledge required, but is also great for those who have little time to invest into managing their own forex account. The forex market is the most liquid financial market as over $6 trillion are exchanged every day. It also reacts quick to developments and the man powered required in order to stay ahead of the curve is tremendous.

SpyFX will handle all tasks required to operate a profitable forex account. The analysis used is based on technical analysis which eliminates short-term price fluctuations of fundamental events. This further reduces risk as the forex trading robot trades around those events and takes advantage of trading opportunities which arise from them. It also pauses new trade executions at certain times in order to escape events which often have a negative outcome on trades.

Conclusion on SpyFX

The forex market is filled with profitable trading opportunities every single day which attracts tens of thousands of new readers every month. Unfortunately for many of those new traders, their forex journey will be rather short-lived and unprofitable. Statistics show that many traders give up on their new trading account in less than six months while an overwhelming 96% abandon their accounts in less than twelve months. This is usually due to heavy losses as a result of a forex trading strategy which is executed manually by traders, increased stress levels which further puts performance pressure on traders as well as an underestimation when it comes to the required time it takes to trade profitably.

SpyFX has been created in order to tackle those factors and convert traders, regardless of their experience, into profitable traders with a stress-free solution which requires no time spent with emotionally biased analysis and psychologically impacted trade decisions. In a few easy steps traders can lean back and enjoy a profitable forex trading strategy execute by an innovative FX trading robot. Leverage the full account management capabilities of SpyFX to your advantage by taking the first step today and register for you own account!