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Honest Forex Signals Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Honest Forex Signals service. This service is very popular and has been around a while, significantly receiving favourable customer testimonials from well-respected forex websites. The Honest Forex Signals are supplied by long time forex trader Robbie Newton who claims to make an average of 500-1000 pips a month. That is a lot of pippage especially as he is manually trading his system and sending out signals at the same time, kudos to him for maintaining that work load. Luckily for other forex traders all they have to do is subscribe to Honest …READ MORE

Forex Holy Grail Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Holy Grail forex trading system. I have often seen the term Holy Grail related to forex trading whilst browsing the web and perhaps this system is the manual trading solution we are all looking for that can really live up to its bold name. The Forex Holy Grail developer has gone through a lot of effort to share with us his profitable forex trading system with multiple videos, instruction manuals, setup examples and indicators included in this great value for money manual strategy package. Forex Holy Grail Trading Strategy The Forex …READ MORE

Traders Elite Premium Forex Signals Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Traders Elite Premium Forex Signals Service. This is a low risk and high reward forex signal service that allows you to potentially make hundreds of pips every month just from copying the Traders Elite signals – they are very reputable having been around since 2012. The forex signals are provided by experienced traders using their own personal trading strategies that have made over 15,000 pips in around 4 years. This shows longevity and consistency ensuring that this is a forex signal service that you can rely on being around for the long …READ MORE

MLA Forex Signals Review


In this post I will be reviewing the MLA forex signal service. MLA is short for “my live account” and is a forex signal provider with a good track record of providing forex signals that have been verified by third parties, show live results and have received positive client testimonials. They take the potential stress out of trading and save time not watching the charts by using their provided automated trade copier which will duplicate MLA trades on your account. This takes the fear, greed and other emotions that can affect your trading performance out of the equation. MLA forex …READ MORE

Fx Premiere Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Fx Premiere forex signal service. Fx Premiere have been providing a forex signals for over 12 years so they have plenty of experience and must be doing something right to be able to provide forex signals for so long. Forex signals are becoming more and more popular as traders begin to realise the effectiveness of using signals from experienced traders. Looking at the Fx Premiere track record, the performance of their signals is very good. They have been updating the trades every month including the entry price, targets and final result. This …READ MORE

Elliot Wave DNA Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Elliot Wave DNA forex trading system. I say trading system but it is also an extensive learning course that will make you a master of the Elliot wave so you can start using it in your forex trading and gain a superior edge on other forex traders. There is a huge amount of superb content included in this package, organized in a methodical, easy to understand and interesting manner. I will start by explaining what the Elliot wave principle is and how it is used for conducting technical analysis, usually for manual …READ MORE

RayBOT Expert Advisor Review


In this post I will be reviewing the RayBOT Expert Advisor. This is a forex robot for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform that trades 100% fully automated. You simply download the software and follow the easy to understand installation guide for a fast 5 minute setup. You then leave the software to run fully automated for you and it will place and manage trades according to its market analysis. This is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced forex traders.   RayBOT Expert Advisor Trading Strategy The RayBOT developers have spent many years researching, developing and testing this automated trading system …READ MORE

Free Fx Trading Robot Review


In this post I will be reviewing the automated trading system Free Fx Trading Robot. Despite the name, this is not a free forex robot and actual comes at a one off purchase price. This can be quite deceiving at first as it makes you wonder why they would call it the Free Fx Trading Robot when it is not actually free?! This immediately raises some red flags but I gave the developer the benefit of the doubt as they may have just chose poorly on the robots name and decided to go ahead and review it in any case …READ MORE

PIPjet Review


In this post I will be reviewing the PIPjet forex robot. This amazing (with live proof) fully automated forex trading system is brought to you by the same developers who released the extremely popular Forex Megadroid forex robot. The developers have achieved excellent results from live trading accounts running the PIPjet forex robot. These results are available from the official PIPjet website which also contains great detail into the mechanics of PIPjet. Just look at this verified real live trading account results that at the time of writing this review have turned $1,000 into over $300,000! That is with real …READ MORE