Fx Mower Forex Robot Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Fx Mower Forex Robot which has been developed as per the vast majority of automated forex trading systems for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The Fx Mower Forex Robot develop has shared real live verified by myfxbook trading account results that at the time of writing this review are showing a staggering total gain of around 700% in under 1 years’ worth of trading. Having a years’ worth of real trading data is good as it shows the Fx Mower Forex Robot works through various market conditions especially considering the amount of fundamentals the past year that have caused uncertainty in the markets – it is doing very well indeed! Of course, as you check this review you can also check the performance to see if it has continued in the same vain. I can also tell you the drawdown at this time is around 25% which is acceptable and can of course be even smaller should you use conservative risk or lot size.

Fx Mower Forex Robot Trading Strategy

The Fx Mower Forex Robot trades the EURUSD currency pair which is considered a “major currency pair” in forex and thus has plenty of liquidity for lower trading costs in terms of low spreads and fast execution. Ensure that you are using a true ECN forex broker for the best possible trading conditions as you should with any manual or automated forex trading system. The average win is half that of the average loss although the win rate being north of 60% compensates for this. There is an aspect of martingale money management used so please ensure you are aware of that and control the lot accordingly. What’s great is there is a feature built in where you can control the maximal drawdown in any case so you will not blow your account if you use it sensibly!

Fx Mower Forex Robot Back Testing

The Fx Mower Forex Robot official website has over 5 years’ worth of back tests which gives added confidence along with the real verified myfxbook results we have of this forex robot. The back test shows that the forex trading system incorporated into the Fx Mower Forex Robot has been stable and consistent since 2012 with the statistics very similar to those from the real account. It is worth noting that the back test is maxed out at 90% modelling quality rather than 99% modelling quality with tick data using Birts Tick Data Suite, but as I said before, we have the real live verified results to back these up. The more advanced forex traders out there may also want to optimize the Fx Mower Forex Robot on other currency pairs and timeframes to generate their own customized settings.

Fx Mower Forex Robot Back Testing
Fx Mower Forex Robot Back Testing

Fx Mower Forex Robot Live Results

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Fx Mower Forex Robot Summary

Overall, the Fx Mower Forex Robot has proved so far it is a very solid and well-oiled fully automated forex trading system that consistently makes profit and has controllable drawdowns. The real verified accounts give extra assurance and there is also a money back guarantee so you can even try it on a demo account or very small live account to test the waters first. The developer recommends a minimum deposit of $250 which is fine and primarily due to the semi martingale aspect of the money management. It is easy to use and includes detailed setup instructions, full support and free updates. May be worth a try provided the performance at the time of me writing this review has continued to impress!

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  • MetaTrader 4
  • 30 Minute Timeframe
  • 1-3 Licenses
  • Ful Support
  • Free Updates
  • Semi-Martingale
  • Max Drawdown Filter
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Any Leverage