What Are Forex Robots & Do They Work?

what are forex robots and do they work

What are forex robots? Forex robots are trading systems that run automatically according to a built-in trading algorithm. They can analyse different currency pairs on the forex market for potential trading signals and then place trades on behalf of the user when they find a trade that meets the robot’s criteria. The robot can also manage trades, placing stop losses, take profits, trailing stops, break-evens and close the trade on behalf of the user. There are thousands of free and paid forex robots available online. You can download from various sources such as blogs, forums, commercial sites, brokers and more. …READ MORE

Best Forex Trading Apps

Best Trading Apps

Forex trading apps have become even more popular in recent times as more forex brokers are offering user friendly trading apps to traders all over the globe. With technology always improving, this has made forex trading apps easily accessible. You may not always want to sit on your desktop computer or with a laptop in your lap, this is where a mobile forex trading app can be useful. I chose the best forex trading apps based on the spreads, commissions, trading tools, educational materials, market research and analysis, execution speeds, regulation, currency pairs and customer support. Here I have compiled …READ MORE

Best Forex Trading Platforms


When trading forex online, it is important to use a reliable forex trading platform that is easy to use and includes all of the relevant trading tools that you need for your forex trading strategies. Amongst the most important things to consider when choosing the best forex trading platform for your individual needs include the platforms features, user friendliness, currency pairs offered, trading tools, broker fees, spreads, execution speeds, user guides, support and much more. Now, I will look at the best forex trading platforms available today. This is based on my own humble opinion and the popularity of the …READ MORE

Free Forex VPS

As explained in the best forex VPS page of my website, a forex VPS is very useful as it allows you to run the MetaTrader 4 trading platform 24 hours a day without needing to have your computer switched on. A forex VPS is basically another windows that you can access remotely form your computer using unique login details. Once you connect to the forex VPS, it looks just like windows does on your own computer and there you can open MetaTrader 4 and setup forex robots on your accounts there. You may even decide to use your VPS for …READ MORE

Best Forex VPS

What is a Forex VPS? A Forex VPS is a virtual private server (VPS) that can run the MetaTrader trading platform 24/7 and other programs you need running all of the time. It is just like running MetaTrader on your computer but instead it is hosted and running on VPS. When you login to a VPS using your username and password it is the same as if you were login into a computer. The layout is the same, you can install/run programs, surf the web and do anything you would usually do on a computer. You can access your VPS …READ MORE