Simple Forex Strategy

Simple Forex Strategy

The forex market is a huge market with plenty of trading opportunities. Oftentimes traders look for simple yet effective trading approaches to trade forex online. There are a lot of forex trading strategies to choose from, but what are some of the simplest trading strategies? Here’s a list of four simple forex strategies. 1. Breakout Trading Breakout trading is one of the simple forex trading strategies for beginners and professional traders. It is quite easy to follow. All a trader needs to do is to follow the direction of the trend and monitor highs and lows. When the breakout occurs, …READ MORE

Moving Average Crossover Strategy

Moving Average Crossover Strategy

The moving average (MA) is a type of technical analysis that filters out price data by creating an updated average price. The average is measured on a certain period, like one year, 20 days, or one week. It depends on the choice of a trader. Moving average strategies are also popular among traders as they are helpful for both short-term and long-term traders. What Moving Averages tell us? A moving average helps in filtering market noises. By looking at the moving average direction, a trader can determine the movement of the price. If the MA is upwards, the price is …READ MORE

Forex Trendline Strategy

Forex Trendline Strategy

The trendline is a line that is drawn on the chart between two different prices. The prices are connected at the top, bottom, and/or middle to form a line in either an up direction, down direction or flat direction. What is the forex trendline strategy? Trendlines are one of the forms of technical analysis that can be used to filter out potential trading opportunities. There are many technical indicators that use trendlines for their calculations, and some even display trendlines on the chart. The basis of the trendline strategy is to ride the trend. This means traders would look to …READ MORE

Forex Strategy for Beginners

Forex Strategy for Beginners

The Forex market is the largest financial market in terms of trading volume, so there are a lot of trading strategies. But what are some of the best forex strategies for beginners? Here’s a list of six of the best forex trading strategies for beginners: 1. Trend-following Trend-following is one of the easiest strategies that many beginners start with. It requires traders to trade in the direction of the trend. Once a trader identifies the trend’s direction, he/she would look to open positions depending on the trend’s direction. A key point to remember here is that market trends can be …READ MORE

What Is Trading The Gap

Trading the Gap

The price gap is a region on a chart where no trading activity takes place. These gaps can be identified when using bar or candlestick charts. Gaps will usually open above or below the price it closed at. Trying to take advantage of this difference between prices is know as trading the gap. What are the Gaps? Price gaps appear because of various fundamental or technical factors. For example, if a company’s profits are skyrocketing, the company’s stock may produce trading gaps the next day. In other words, the stock price opened higher than the closing price, thereby producing a …READ MORE

What Is The London Breakout Strategy & How To Trade It

London Breakout Strategy

The London Breakout strategy is a day trading technique that takes advantage of the trading range before the opening of the London session. As London is in a different time zone, the market opens several hours before NYSE. This provides traders with a unique opportunity to enter into new positions. What is the London Breakout trading strategy? The forex markets are based on three main trading time zones; the Tokyo session, the London session, and the New York session. The first hour of trading has a lot of activity. The trading volumes also increase significantly due to the overlapping of …READ MORE

What Is The Golden Cross & How To Trade It

Golden Cross

The Golden Cross is a technical analysis that gives a bullish signal. It occurs when a relatively short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average. Some traders may even use the Golden Cross to look for short (sell) trades. What is the Golden Cross? The Golden Cross is a bullish pattern formed from a crossover involving price’s short-term moving average (such as the 15-day moving average) going above its long-term moving average (such as the 50-day moving average) or above its resistance level. Some traders consider long-term indicators to be more effective whilst the Golden Cross indicates a bullish …READ MORE

What Is The Death Cross & How To Trade It

Death Cross

The death cross is a technical pattern that signifies the transition from a bull market to a bear market. The Death Cross occurs when a short-term moving average (50-day) crosses below a long-term moving average (200-day). The death cross name comes from the X-shape created when the short-term moving average goes below the long-term moving average. The Death Cross proved to be a reliable predictor of the most severe bearish markets of the past century, including 1929, 1938, 1974, and 2008. What is the Death Cross? The Death Cross forms on a chart when an asset’s short-term moving average, usually …READ MORE

What Is The Triple Screen Trading System

Triple Screen Trading System

The Triple Screen trading system applies multiple trading indicators instead of a single indicator. The idea is to use as many indicators as possible to filter out false signals. The system was developed by Dr. Alexander Elder in 1985 and first appeared in 1986 in the Futures Magazine. Dr. Alexander was a psychiatrist but later switched to financial trading. What is the Triple Screen trading system? There are some traders who use one technical indicator for analysing the forex market and executing trades. And, there is nothing wrong with that approach. But, Dr. Elder argued that the use of a …READ MORE