Forex Robotron Review


In this post I will be reviewing Forex Robotron. This amazing forex robot turned $500 into over $1,109,229,975 using only a maximum 5% risk per trade! Most trades are closed dynamically so the risk is even less. You can use a very low deposit with this robot and still make huge gains with very little risk and draw downs. This is one of the best forex robots that I have used and reviewed, ever. It is one of the only forex robots I have seen that has been developed and tested using real variable spreads, real slippage, real tick data from Dukascopy and even included real commissions on every trade. This gives the best possible test conditions during the forex robot development and testing phase. Other forex robots use a fixed spread set in MetaTrader with no consideration to commissions and slippage so the results can be unrealistic – hence why some fail on live accounts. This is not the case with Forex Robotron as it’s live results have proved. The fact that it trades the EURUSD & GBPUSD major currency pairs which have the lowest spreads and good liquidity for instant execution is also another excellent reason to use Forex Robotron. This safe, secure and very profitable forex robot trades 2 of the top currency pairs, all with suitable spreads and superb results!

Forex Robotron Live Results
Forex Robotron Live Results

Forex Robotron Trading Strategy

Forex Robotron trades ranging markets with a tight stop loss, low risk, high accuracy and great consistency. It was developed for MetaTrader 4 (JForex version for Dukascopy trading platform is available upon request) and trades some of the most liquid and lowest spread currency pairs – EURUSD & GBPUSD. This is a great choice of currency pairs as they have the lowest spreads and plenty of liquidity on all forex brokers. What this means is that you can achieve similar results to those shown on the website. The default settings are perfect and do not need to be adjusted. The only setting you that you need to change is the lot or risk size. GMT hours, magic numbers and everything else is all automatically done for you. It primarily trades towards the end of the NY trading session up until the Asian trading session giving great low risk trading opportunities with superb consistency. The 80% average win rate is outstanding which allows it to quickly build up the account equity. A loss does not always hit the full stop loss as Forex Robotron can anticipate a change in market direction and get out of the trade in advance. The losses are also not that big so it has a good risk to reward ratio and the losing trades do not eat up all of your profits. It can go on consecutive winning streaks of 80+ trades! The fact that it uses universal default settings on all 4 pairs shows how reliable the strategy is and also makes it very easy to setup. Robotron is suitable for any level of trader whatever your experience and the support is excellent and can even set it up for you.

Forex Robotron Back Testing

Forex Robotron has been back tested over almost 10 years in the perfect test conditions and achieved on outstanding win rate around 80% with low draw down. The profits from just a very small account deposit are huge! Results on the Forex Robotron website show a small deposit of just $500 turned into over $1,109,229,975 using only a maximum 5% risk! There are 99% modelling quality (best test conditions) back tests from the 2 recommended currency pairs. Trading multiple pairs adds great diversity to your trading portfolio. You could achieve fantastic gains with a small account deposit and even less than 5% risk if you wish. You may even increase the risk greater than this if you wish and make even more profit. When you consider these results were achieved using real tick data with real variable spreads, slippage and including commission for each trade then I am sure that you will agree that this is one of the best forex robots commercially available! All other automated system developers should start using real spreads, real slippage, real tick data and real commissions in their back testing if they aren’t already.

Forex Robotron - The Best Forex Robot!
Forex Robotron – The Best Forex Robot!
Forex Robotron - The Best Forex Robot!
Forex Robotron – The Best Forex Robot!

Forex Robotron Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Forex Robotron Summary

This is a fantastic opportunity to get your copy of what I believe is the best forex robot that I have reviewed so far. I do not see any reason why it will not continue performing to this high standard so I would recommend downloading it whilst it is still available. It is worth mentioning that Forex Robotron does not hedge, there is no martingale or grid strategy and no arbitrage. It also has a good frequency of trades. It comes with an easy to understand instruction manual for a fast setup and is fully automated so you can set and forget it, checking back to see how much money it has made for you. Of course, it would be a wise choice to run any Forex Robot on a true ECN forex broker due to the lower spreads, liquidity and execution speed. The currency pairs traded by Forex Robotron usually always have the best trading conditions. Testimonials on the website show many happy users making substantial profits on their real trading accounts and with great appreciation for the excellent support given. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE! Visit the Forex Robotron website now and download it whilst the price is so low! UPDATE: Price is now $299, if you missed out the first time, DO NOT miss out this time, the price is only going to continue increasing until the developer decides to stop selling it because it is too good to be publicly available. I have a feeling this will happen soon – honestly, I am surprised it is even commercially available. Maybe the developer did not anticipate it’s huge success. Code like this is worth millions but being sold for peanuts when you look at the bigger picture! Serious companies and investors would LOVE to get their hands on this at ANY price.

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  • 5 Minute Timeframe
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Verified Accounts
  • Full Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Detailed Instructions
  • No Minimum Deposit
  • Any Leverage
  • MetaTrader 4