Forex Pip Shooter Review

forex pip shooter

In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Pip Shooter fully automated forex trading system that runs in the popular MetaTrader 4 (mt4) trading platform. Mt4 is free to download from most forex brokers across the globe. You can start with a demo trading account to test Forex Pip Shooter before switching to a real trading account once you feel comfortable to do so.

Forex Pip Shooter combines multiple different trading styles within its automated system and thus, this gives it great diversity. It also trades on multiple currency pairs with the developer recommending AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD based pairs. I would personally trade the major currency pairs that include EUR, GBP and USD due to the fact these tend to have the highest trading volume and this more liquidity for best price execution. This can help save on trading costs.

For optimal performance with Forex Pip Shooter or any forex robot I would prefer to use a true ECN forex broker as I find they have lower spreads and less slippage. These factors can be the difference between a winning and losing trading system from my experience.

Forex Pip Shooter Review
Forex Pip Shooter Review

Forex Pip Shooter Trading Strategy

Forex Pip Shooter incorporates support and resistance with the developer stating an impressive 50 trades per day on average. It uses breakouts, rebounds and correlations for its trading decisions. Support and resistance levels when marked correctly can be very reliable as many traders tend to use them, including the big players such as banks.

I think that 50 trades per day is slightly overkill as this increases risk exposure in my opinion. I would only want a few trades open and the same time and would limit this from the Forex Pip Shooter settings whilst also ensuring I am using a suitable lot size in the case that multiple trades are open at once so as not to over leverage my account and use up all my free margin. Trading the most profitable pairs only would also help limit exposure.

Being a forex robot that is fully automated, Forex Pip Shooter will open, manage (stop loss, take profit) and close trades on your behalf. You simply set it up on your mt4 trading platform using the provided instructions and let it do the work for you. Just make sure you keep a keen eye on how it is performing.

Thankfully, Forex Pip Shooter does not use any dangerous money management systems such as martingale which would increase lots after a loss and can create a margin call / stop out if you are not careful!

Forex Pip Shooter Back Testing

There are no back tests on the Forex Pip Shooter website and if there were, I would suggest the developer uses Birts TDS for the most accurate back testing conditions possible within mt4.

Forex Pip Shooter Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Forex Pip Shooter Summary

Forex Pip Shooter includes the EA, full support, members area, demo and real account licenses, updates and a money back guarantee.

Whilst the sales page looks very slick and the trading algorithm implemented along with the portfolio diversity seems impressive on the surface, I am slightly disappointed at the lack of a real verified trading account for us to follow the Forex Pip Shooter trading performance. There are also no back tests included on the official website so we cannot check historical performance. I would personally proceed with caution.

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  • MetaTrader 4
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Support & Resistance Analysis
  • Fully Automated
  • Any Leverage
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Full Support
  • Free Updates
  • Money Back Guarantee