Introduction to Spy-Fx

Sponsored article by Spy-FX. Assume that you are in London and want to go to Amsterdam. Would you walk the distance? Most probably you answered with “No”. When it comes to forex trading, many traders analyze charts in an attempt to identify profitable trading opportunities. This is the same as walking from London to Amsterdam. While it may get you to the desired destination, it will take a very long time. In addition it will invite plenty of unforeseen risks and costs which may ultimately derail you. This is evident with high failure rate of forex traders in the market. …READ MORE

How to Predict Forex Market Direction

Forex is known to be volatile, but in reality, it’s not that simple. The market is not random, even if it sometimes seems that way. Instead, it has rules and even laws. You just need to know how to read the situation and understand what it means. Forex has been around since 1981, but for a long time market analysis was neglected. There are reasons to believe that the major banks and other market participants had internal analytics divisions, but their findings were not made public. Even after private Forex trading was allowed in the 1990s, market analysis remained neglected. …READ MORE

How have cryptocurrencies affected the online trading industry and traders?

For 2017 cryptocurrencies were one of the most exciting sections of the global markets. While still controversial, the huge run-up in price of digital coins has drawn interest from amateurs to professional traders alike. This is no coincidence, when a price of an asset goes up so strongly and consistently for a while, one of the first questions that pop on most peoples’ minds is – how do I get in on the action.

A Forex Robot Connected to Regulated Brokers

One thing is certain: forex trading is becoming more and more popular, but not only thanks to increased interest in financial trading, a trend that started in 2007. It took more than a crisis to motivate people to take faith in their own hands and learn about trading and money management. The rise in popularity of forex trading is coinciding with the great boom in internet and mobile technology. Considering how only a few decades ago forex was reserved exclusively for market specialists, it is completely understandable that more people trade it now when they have everything they need in their pockets.

The Review for Novice Forex Traders

Presuming that you have gone through all the basic requirements of what is needed to be a successful forex trader and found that you do not meet any, does that means it’s the end of your investment chances? Of course not because there is a service that lets even the novice and unrefined forex traders invest in the market without the slightest background in it. The for forex trading service will let you invest in this rewarding market with so much simplicity and flexibility that you do not need to do much other than wait for your profits.

Tips to Become an Effective Financial Adviser

In the next 20 years or so, about 25 – 30 trillion dollars are expected to be transferred from the funds of baby boomers to millennials. This means that millennials will soon be managing the world’s finances in its entirety. Baby boomers have a lot of wisdom to impart given their experience in handling finances. So with that in mind, here are some of the tried and tested solutions that experienced financial advisers have executed in their careers in order for them to be at the top of their game.