Elliot Wave DNA Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Elliot Wave DNA forex trading system. I say trading system but it is also an extensive learning course that will make you a master of the Elliot wave so you can start using it in your forex trading and gain a superior edge on other forex traders. There is a huge amount of superb content included in this package, organized in a methodical, easy to understand and interesting manner.

I will start by explaining what the Elliot wave principle is and how it is used for conducting technical analysis, usually for manual forex trading systems. The Elliot wave technical analysis identifies the extremes in trader’s investment psychology which pin-points high and low prices combined with other important factors. The Elliot wave theory was developed in the 1930s by Ralph Nelson Elliot who was a professional accountant who revealed that the market price patterns for specific patterns which are today what we refer to as Elliot waves. In a famous quote from his biggest piece of work Nature’s Laws: The Secret of the Universe (1946) he stated that “because man is subject to rhythmical procedure, calculations having to do with his activities can be projected far into the future with a justification and certainty heretofore unattainable.” What he is basically saying is that humans tend to work methodically and form patterns that can be calculated to anticipate future behaviour. This concept makes the Elliot wave a very reliable forex trading system.

The Elliot Wave DNA forex trading system is perhaps the largest and most detailed collection of Elliot wave analysis and teachings available online. The course covers everything you need to fully understand the Elliot wave concept and teaches you step by step how you can apply it to your forex trading to consistently make profits trading the forex market. It is very thorough and includes plenty of examples and a training course that not only covers the Elliot wave theory but most aspects of forex trading. This is an excellent course for beginner and advanced traders. If you do not know much about trading this course will tell you everything you need to know and prime you ready for trading successfully whilst the more advanced traders will have another powerful analysis in their trading arsenal.

The 6 DVD’s in the Elliot Wave DNA program include a ton of content covering everything starting on the first DVD with a detailed analysis of what forex is (order types, chart types, currency pairs, trading platforms, chart patterns, candlesticks, trends, ranges, margin, leverage, lots, pips and much more). The second DVD studies the Elliot wave principles in great detail including chart patterns and trade setup examples. The third DVD contains a study of Fibonacci levels which can compliment Elliot waves extremely well. The fourth DVD cover more trading setup examples and other important aspects of trading such as traders psychology, risk management and styles of trading (conservative/aggressive). By the fifth DVD you will be an Elliot wave master and can enjoy and understand the live trading examples shown here. The sixth and final DVD puts it all together with a very informative question and answer session.

When you join the Elliot Wave DNA program you receive access to its websites exclusive members area which includes yet more excellent content – a forum where you can discuss with other traders, videos, tools and indicators, live examples, webinars, cheat sheets, dedicated support, certification course and more. As you can see this is an excellent course with enough content to ensure that you will become a master of the Elliot wave theory and be primed to start using it in your forex trading. With this abundance of knowledge you are sure to make substantial profits from using this forex trading system.

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