Capital Way Review: Safe or Scam?

In this post I will review the Capital Way innovative trading algorithm software that runs fully automated 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and targets a very impressive annual return of around 50%. Bearing in mind that most banks around the world pay between 1-2% per year in returns, the potential of the Capital Way automated trading solution certainly sounds appealing! These claims are backed up with a myfxbook verified account which I will get into later.

Capital Way claim to have over 15,000 clients across the globe with over 800,000 transactions executed per day which is indeed a vast amount. They use a sophisticated propriety algorithm that uses a combination of statistical data, fundamental analysis and technical analysis to execute trades aiming for superior accuracy and consistency. I believe that automated trading systems can produce consistent results but you should make sure that you choose which one you will use carefully and only go for something that suits your style of trading.

The returns shown on the official Capital Way website show respectable gains going as far back as 2013. After reading this review, you can head over to the Capital Way website to check that the performance has continued in the same vain.

In my opinion, I always like to see claims of performance backed up with results and Capital Way have done that with a real trading account verified by myfxbook that you can see here. You may also follow and compare the latest performance on my best forex robots page.

At this time, the Capital Way fully automated trading systems myfxbook account is showing over 300% gains in around 2 years of trading. This works out an average 5% per month with a drawdown at around the 20% mark. What is quite impressive to me is the vast amount of trades taken, with over 3,000! Despite running 2+ years that is a significant amount of trades in my opinion and the risk to reward ratio is around 1:2 with the average win more than double the average loss. The average win rate is around 68% and EURUSD is the main currency pair traded, although it seems to perform best trading shorts (sell) based on the stats. NB: These are myfxbook stats provided by Capital Way.

With Capital Way, you can track your trading account performance from any device at any time. Your account will continue to run for you in the background whilst you go about your daily life, knowing that the algorithm is looking for potential trades. You can stop at any time or continue going should you be impressed with this automated trading software performance.

One of the most important aspects for me of Capital Ways service is that they state they only gain profits when clients do, thus it is in their own interest for the trading performance to do well. There are no activation, management or deposit fees. Simply, a success fee from successful traders placed by the Capital Way algorithm. This means that there are no hidden costs which is good.

Capital Way offers 2 Starting packages along with their larger account sizes. Each account can suit different types of traders. There is a one-month trial account to test the software that requires a €500 deposit and comes with a money back guarantee. If you are happy with the Capital Way automated trading system then there is the option for the “Invest Now” account which requires a minimum €3,000 deposit. As always, only trade with what you can afford and feel comfortable with as trading by nature has an element of risk. I would personally prefer to start very small and test the waters.

It is very easy to get started with Capital Way should you wish to try it out. You simply open an account, deposit, download mt4 and the Capital Way software with the help of an account manager, sit back and see how it performs! I would personally try out Capital Way with a trial account and it will be interesting to see if the good performance shared on myfxbook continues.

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