Berlinetta Trading Review

Berlinetta Trading Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Berlinetta Trading forex signal service that uses trade mirroring software to send signals to your MetaTrader 4 trading account. The Berlinetta Trading signals currently show a good few months’ worth of live trading results verified by FX Blue where the Berlinetta Trading signals have generated over 200% of profit. I would recommend to check the latest Berlinetta Trading results at the time you are reading this review to ensure that it has kept up its very good start.

As always, you should use a good ECN forex broker for the best possible trading conditions and low trading costs. A good forex broker can save you lots of money on spreads and commissions as well as providing you with significant liquidity to ensure that you orders get executed at the best possible prices.

Berlinetta Trading works by copying the providers master account using an Internet Trade Mirror. The Trade Mirror is a free service for sending trading signals over the internet to other computers (currently for MT4 only). It is widely used by traders all over the world as a broker-independent alternative to MAM systems etc.

The sender runs an EA which broadcasts trading activity to users such as yourself. Subscribers run a copier EA which receives the signals and automatically mirrors the sender’s trades. Each subscriber has full control over risk settings and all other trading activity, via the parameters in the receiver EA.

Overall, it is too early to judge the Berlinetta Trading performance as I would personally like to see how it performs long term over differing market conditions although admittedly it is off to a very good start. The drawdown can be considered high at over 30% but you could always use smaller lot sizes to decrease the drawdown which will of course also decrease the profits. Use a lot size that suites your risk preference.

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  • MetaTrader 4
  • Signal Service
  • Trade Copier
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Full Support
  • Any Leverage