Captain Forex Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Captain Forex manual forex trading system. This is a forex trading strategy developed to be sued on the free to download MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The developer claims that the indicator used in the Captain Forex system consistently picks profitable trades and states that they made over 1,000 pips in just 5 trades. Now, that is a great return but ensure that you are using good money management and a sensible risk to reward ratio if you want similar gains. The best practice would be to cut your losing trades short and …READ MORE

Trading Pro System Plus Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Trading Pro System Plus. Despite the name, this is not a trading system as such but a complete course on trading covering many major important aspects that you need to learn in order to become a successful trader. Primarily it is focused on options and the same principles apply to forex trading. The vast array of content included in this trading course is well organised and very relevant for increasing your trading knowledge and skills. The trader behind the course claims to have been trading successfully for many years so of course …READ MORE

Kung Fu Pips Review


In this post I will be reviewing the coolly named Kung Fu Pips manual forex trading system for MetaTrader 4. Kung Fu Pips can be used to trade on any currency pair and timeframe. As I always advise it is best to focus on one or two pairs so that you can become familiar with them. I recommend the majors such as the EURUSD and GBPUSD due to the lower spreads (trading costs) and plenty of liquidity for bigger market movements. I personally prefer manually trading on the 1 hour timeframe and above as it filters out a lot of …READ MORE

FX Arcanum Trading System Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Fx Arcunam Trading System. This is a trading system consisting of a custom market sentiment based indicator for the free to download MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It is suitable for beginner and advanced traders. Fx Arcunam can be used on any currency pair and timeframe so it is suitable for scalping, intra-day and swing trading. I would personally trade with it on the major currency pairs such as the EURUSD and GBPUSD for the best possible spreads and plenty of liquidity for faster execution also giving the opportunity to catch big moves. …READ MORE

Claudius Forex EA Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Claudius Forex EA. This is a fully automated forex trading system developed to run on the free to download MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Claudius Forex EA despite being a relatively new forex robot at the time of writing this review it has started very well generating some good automated trading profits with relatively low risk. It is very simple to use, you simply follow the provided instruction manual and can have it up and running on your demo or live account in around 5 minutes. From then on it will handle all …READ MORE

Extreme Fx Profit Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Extreme Fx Profit forex trading system. Extreme Fx Profit is a buy/sell arrow indicator system that can be used to give you signals for entries and exits into the market. It was developed for the free to download MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The indicator is very easy to use as you simply follow the buy or sell arrows when a trading opportunity is detected. The Extreme Fx Profit indicator will even alert you with a sound and pop up window when it discovers a valid entry signal. It is suitable for the …READ MORE

Trading Sensation Webinar Review


In this post I will be reviewing top traders Vladimir Ribakov and Nicola Delic Trading Sensation Webinar. The Trading Sensation Webinar consists of the ultimate trader and the art of cycles 2 day workshop. The webinars were original a 2 day trading course that has now been made available to those in the forex community who were unable to attend. The webinars include a wealth of very useful information on Elliot waves and trading cycles with real examples. With the knowledge learned from the webinar you will be able to use these techniques to improve your trading success or as …READ MORE

Divergence University Review


In this post I will be reviewing Vladimir Ribakov’s Divergence University trading course. I will start by saying that this is a serious forex home trading course for Divergence Trading Methods with a huge amount of content that will really require some serious studying, learning and thinking. It goes without saying that the course will fill you with a huge amount of knowledge that will only improve your trading skills provided you follow it from start to beginning and complete all of the modules. Divergence trading is a skill that every serious forex trader should have and is often over …READ MORE

Gann Trader X Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Gann Trader X trading system. This is a universal trading system based on W.D. Gann’s trading philosophy. It can be used to manual trade forex, stocks, commodities, indices and more. There is no previous trading experience required as the Gann Trader X system will give you clear and easy to follow signals when the 3 built in indicators it includes find a trading opportunity. The website shows some impressive results produced from the strategy on a variety of different trading instruments. One particular forex account shows a $1,000 investment growing to over …READ MORE