1000 Pip Builder Review


In this post I will be reviewing the 1000 Pip Builder forex signal service. I will start by saying that the performance of these signals is very impressive and the results are 100% independently verified by MyFxBook. Bob is the lead trader of 1000 Pip Builder forex signals with over 10 years of investment experience. This service allows you to take advantage of his years of experience and knowledge to profit from the forex market by following the signals he trades on his own account. Ultimately it gives you an easy way to copy trades from a professional forex trader and become a profitable forex trader yourself.

1000 Pip Builder will do all of the complex market analysis for you and send you an email and SMS with the entry price, stop loss and take profit levels. There are discrepancy’s and you can take the signals as is unless you would like to double confirm with your own fundamental or technical analysis.

The performance of 1000 Pip Builder trading signals has been very good in a variety of different market conditions. It has produced a steady growth of profit with acceptable draw downs. The team behind 1000 Pip Builder are experienced in managing risk and each trade is very carefully controlled. Trades have a tight stop loss (around 60 pips) and are usually open for a few hours. I can see the average loss is around 34 pips so perhaps they are recommending closing certain trades earlier. The average win is less at around 23 pips however with a 70% win rate this has so far poised no serious risk to reward issues. The majority of the trades are taken between 4-8pm EST (9pm-1am UK time), so it is easy to follow the signals, even if you have a full time job. You can choose to take all signals during these hours or those at a time that suite you. The real verified results are currently showing gains north of 20%. You can check the latest performance of the 1000 Pip Builder signals by visiting the website.

There is a free 7 day trial if you would like to test this forex signal service completely risk free provided you use them on a demo trading account to begin with.

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